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48 PVCC DIGITAL FALL 2014 Workforce Services Class Schedule l or 434.961.5354 PVCC Workforce Services Viticulture, Enology & Agriculture Virginia's notable success and growing reputation as home to some of the nation's finest wines have generated the need for collaborative efforts between the wine industry and educational institutions to expand the Virginia wine experience. To further the growth and opportunities of the Virginia wine industry, Piedmont Virginia Community College offers training and experiential learning in partnership with regional vineyards and wineries. To meet the needs of both large and small vineyards, PVCC offers a series of seminars in viticulture (growing grapes) and enology (producing wine) taught by internationally known experts in the field. Students explore new concepts and solutions in viticulture and enology focusing on topics such as: • Soil preparation • Planting and pruning • Canopy management • Harvesting • Blending • Fermenting and racking • Bottling The PVCC program follows the seasons, taking students through both the vineyard and the cellar experiences. Regional vineyards rotate hosting each seminar giving students the opportunity to tour the facilities in the area and see first hand the vineyards in operation. Students grow their knowledge while grapes grow through the seasons. This program includes: • Classroom lecture and discussion on the specific seminar series topic • Experiential learning in the host vineyard or the winery cellar • Tour of and wine tasting at the host vineyard Viticulture & Enology Certificate Program Course Requirements Viticulture Certificate 1 Introduction to Viticulture 2 Vineyard Site Selection 3 Soil Preparation & Planting 4 Dormant Pruning 5 Pest Control 6 Canopy Management 7 Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must 8 Vine Grafting & Propagation 9 Vineyard Management (Field Experience) - Part I 10 Vineyard Management (Field Experience) - Part II Enology Certificate 1 Introduction to Enology 2 Wine Analysis & Tasting 3 Winery Design & Equipment 4 Legal Issues in the Wine Industry 5 Marketing Wine 6 Fermentation & Racking 7 Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must 8 Wine Bottling 9 Sparkling Winemaking

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