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32 PVCC DIGITAL SUMMER 2014 Workforce Services Class Schedule l or 434.961.5354 Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3, and receive a Certificate in Woodworking. Introduction to Woodworking Part 1: Design, Drawings & Equipment Experience the simplicity and creativity of woodworking while learning the basics of types of wood and joinery, use of hand and power tools and safety guidelines. Select, design and begin to build a project for your home such as a nightstand, small bench or bookcase, a toolbox or perhaps a shelf and brackets. Price includes materials and use of tools in the Logs to Lumber workshop in Faber (Nelson County). 43279 WOOD T, TH 7/1-7/17 6:30-9 p.m. Logs to Lumber Miller $249 Woodworking Part II:Exploring Joinery How many ways are there to join wood to build a cabinet, bookcase or piece of furniture? You'll find out in this joinery exploration class. Start with the function of the piece and consider your options for a solid and simple design. Apply these skills to your projects. Prerequisite: Some woodworking experience. 56853 WOOD T, TH 5/6-5/22 6:30-9 p.m. Logs to Lumber Miller $249 43280 WOOD T, TH 7/29-8/14 6:30-9 p.m. Logs to Lumber Miller $249 Woodworking Part III: Assembling & Finishing Continue to learn new woodworking techniques and tool usage while completing projects. Perfect if you have a little experience with woodworking equipment and procedures and you want to improve your knowledge of tools. Students will be introduced to the finishing process as it applies to their project. 56859 WOOD T, TH 6/3-6/19 6:30-9 p.m. Logs to Lumber Miller $249 43281 WOOD T, TH 8/19-9/4 6:30-9 p.m. Logs to Lumber Miller $249 Woodworking classes currently being offered: The following classes are held at Heartmoor Farm, 801 Perkins Road, Kents Store, VA 23084 Timber Tools The centuries-old craft of timber joinery has experienced a revival in recent decades because of the environmental and sustainable qualities of the massive structures. Few construction methods outlast a well-built timber frame and, fortunately, the tools to make them a reality have changed very little. Students will be introduced to a simple set of chisels, mallets, and layout tools necessary to cut and fit almost any frame. 52931 WOOD M 7/7-7/28 6-8 p.m. Heartmoor Farm Hale-Mackinnon $144 Timber Framing I Learn the fundamentals of design and construction of small timber frame structures using mortise and tenon joinery. Students will learn layout techniques, tool use, and joinery cutting methods. Meetings will touch on history, finishes, and options for HVAC systems for timber frames. We will also cover frame design, lumber selection, joinery choices, and integration of sustainable materials. This course will primarily focus on hand-cut joinery and tools but will also demonstrate power tools and techniques used by modern timber framers. 52927 WOOD T, TH 9/16-10/9 6-8 p.m. Heartmoor Farm Hale-MacKinnon $320 Timber Framing II Continue the work begun in Timber Framing I on the construction of a small shed, outbuilding, or gazebo. The specific project will be determined on the first day of class from a range of options. Safety techniques, temporary bracing, strapping, and erection procedures will be covered. Live edge joinery and artistic finishing to the timbers may also be part of the process depending on the students and type of frame decided upon. This is an intermediate class with the goal of completing an entire frame out of rough-cut timbers. 54364 WOOD T, TH 10/21-11/20 6-8pm Heartmoor Farm Hale-MacKinnon $400

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